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My granddaughter, 15, takes 2 a day for high cholesterol. She was 300+. After several months of taking these her cholesterol dropped to under 200. Her diet is horrible so I know it is from this Omega that is helping her.

Life changer

Pat K.

My doctor advised me about 3 years ago that I needed to start taking Omega-3, fish oil capsules daily. I asked what brand he would suggest, and he said one of the best out there is Oceanblue Professional Omega-3 2100. I have been on 2 daily for about 3 years, and they have helped with my triglyceride levels, so I am comfortable in recommending this product.

Excellent Product

Lee B.

The Omega-3 2100 Softgels don’t make me feel sick to my stomach and don’t give me that icky “fish” burp. I comfortably take a product that is good for me when I take Ocean Blue Omega-3 2100 Softgels!

Great product

Mike S.


Oceanblue Professional Series

Prescription strength omega-3 products for heart health,bone health and vitamin D supplementation.

Can Oceanblue Professional Series improve your health?

Oceanblue Wellness Series

Formulated with your family in mind.

highly-purified & potent omega-3 products designed to meet yours and your family’s specific wellness goals.

Ocean blue products contain a highly refined blend of omega-3’s called Olcenic. Containing an optimal EPA to DHA ratio, Olcenic is the fuel that powers our products and offers unmatched health benefits compared to any typical fish oil or
krill oil product.

There's Nothing Fishy Going On Here…

Learn about the quality differences between oceanblue's
Olcenic powered Omega-3 products and standard fish oil and krill oil products.

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