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Omega-3 2100



Omega Power



Omega-3 Minicaps



Omega-3 Minicaps plus Vitamin D



Life changer

My granddaughter, 15, takes 2 a day for high cholesterol. She was 300+. After several months of taking these her cholesterol dropped to under 200. Her diet is horrible so I know it is from this Omega that is helping her.

Pat K.

Excellent Product

My doctor advised me about 3 years ago that I needed to start taking Omega-3, fish oil capsules daily. I asked what brand he would suggest, and he said one of the best out there is Oceanblue Professional Omega-3 2100. I have been on 2 daily for about 3 years, and they have helped with my triglyceride levels, so I am comfortable in recommending this product.

Lee B.

Great product

The Omega-3 2100 Softgels don’t make me feel sick to my stomach and don’t give me that icky “fish” burp. I comfortably take a product that is good for me when I take Ocean Blue Omega-3 2100 Softgels!

Mike S.


Subcribe to a healthy lifestyle … Being social is good for your health.


Oceanblue Professional Series

Prescription strength omega-3 products for heart health,bone health and vitamin D supplementation.

Can Oceanblue Professional Series improve your health?